Tricks and cheats for Nonstop Knight


Nonstop KnightTricks and cheats for Nonstop Knight:

What’s up guys we are here to share some tricks and cheats on the brand new game Nonstop Knight. This game is launched on June 1st so yeah getting started with this game, it is a clicker game. Clicker games are very very popular now but this is more like when you get clicker games it is more like an idle game. So you can see you have some skills and abilities on the bottom you don’t really need to do anything with that now.

Upgrade the Sword first:

The number 1 tip is that you’re gonna get gold from killing mob and you only upgrade your weapon that is your sword right now. This is the only thing that you need to upgrade. The cloak will give you more strength and also you have abilities. But the abilities are very very weak comparatively just your normal slashing. Your armor is not really necessary it doesn’t do too much. So you upgrade your weapons you one shot things, you kill them and you go out battle bosses and progress thru the game.

Buying stuffs from vendor:

You do have to buy the skills because they’re gonna hold six items here and as you can see we still think upscale ones so eventually you have to buy the skills once just to refresh that new abilities in that page. You can also buy coins and tokens occasionally in this vendor up here. The vendor switches every three hours you can watch a free ad and you can get some free coins or armor, weapons or tokens even there and then occasionally the far right one has a 50% off token discount and you actually earn a lot of gems every single time that you level up maximum level 30 but they do allow you to earn unlimited amount of gems appears as every time you level up after level 30 you still get you gems.

Nonstop Knight tips

Changing the time setting cheat:

Now we get into the cheats potion, so if you really just want to break the game, and yes you can. This game is a offline, you can play in airplane mode. So you downloaded and you don’t have to ever be connected to the Internet. This causes a lot of problems in these kind of games. It’s all based on your calendar and your clock so you just go over to your settings, go to general, go down to the date and time,click on the day and time and change the time to future. This will get you lot of gold. So you can have unlimited amount of gold to progress through the leaderboard.


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