Supercell started to ban Modding on their games


No more botting on Supercell games ?

Hey guys .. coming out today with a really big announcement Supercell announced today that they are now cracking down on cheating of all forms across all four of their games. That means modding, X-mod, i-mod, every variation, boting, everything is going to now result in bans-aggressive bans from here on.Now I do have a couple pieces of information I will refer you guys to the forums …

Forum post with more details is out as well so I’ll go ahead and link that to you..Check it out here. 

Let me answer a couple questions that may arise from this announcement. Number one there was probably an announcement on the forums and if not in game, then there will be also a some sort of an announcement in game, on every single device so that way no one has an excuse for not being able to see this.Number two a lot of people may ask when these bans will start? it won’t be today it won’t be Monday but it will be real real soon as in this week. But with that said don’t expect all the bans to come together on the same day it will be a rolling ban system so there’s a lot of reasons behind this.

Clash Of Clans Mod

Ban system explained :

But mainly it’s important to know that just because one account has been banned or suspended and another account has not been banned or suspended that doesn’t necessarily mean that are detecting one person and not the other. It’s really important to keep in mind that this will be a rolling evolving and an ongoing process from now until eternity. There will not be any more modding. So I want to address specifically clash of clans namely why I think it’s a good thing.I don’t think people who have done this up until now, you know it’s been two years now that people have been doing this and getting away with it, and after a certain amount of time and super cell doesn’t react to these things or punish anybody, more and more people start to do it and there are elements of modding the people seem to genuinely enjoy. So you know we have to take all those things into account they’re gonna be losing a significant part of their player base or hopefully those players will opt to just change to fair play and every will be happy there in a perfect world scenario which you know I don’t believe is actually going to happen.


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