Rodeo Stampede – Sky Zoo Safari Hack, cheats and review


rodeo-stampede-sky-zoo-safariRodeo Stampede – Sky Zoo Safari:

Hey guys welcome back to another mobile game review brought you by My name is Mathew joe and today’s game is RODEO STAMPEDE. The game has been developed by Featherweight and Dan Graf and was published by Yodo1. It’s a new game it has been released today and let me tell you guys it definitely got the potential to become a featured game. It got the box design take a look at the skies who you see it’s all about animals and i will tap to begin choose an animal, show you how this game works and further more. Explain you all the different features.

Rodeo Stampede

Ostrich not happy

Let’s start I tap and hold that way i can navigate the animal for a certain time you can see the red ! now which means the animal gets angry and every animal gets angry in a different way as for the ostriches,they just speed up and you really got to take care that you don’t lose control and crash into another animal or tree or what so ever. It’s all about getting the highest high score we gotta go as far as we can and to do so every little now and then we gotta change animal and to do this we gotta focus the animal release once the other animal is activated we tap and hold again. Once you gets crashed you can continue by watching a video or paying 100 i’m not going to do this.

How to manage Zoo and unlock other arenas:

Let’s take a look into the zoo guys this is the sky zoo. It is the place where you can generate money it’s the place where you show off your animals and the more you upgrade them, the more you upgrade the habitats, the more money the people will pay to see your animals. You see them walking around and you see the coins I tap on them and get them but you get even more money with the money you can upgrade.I told you can upgrade the animals upgrade the habitats or explore new worlds such as a jungle that’s the new world. You can go to new worlds after completing missions.

So, that’s all guys, i’m really looking forward what do you think about this game because i really want to make it a featured game. I think they probably will release the android version first and now you can see it is really go smoothly here still even though i can tell you it’s highly challenging that’s for sure.

Final review:

There’s a shop where you can buy for example a cash cow it’s kind of like a coin multiplier and there are three bundles starting where if with 1000 coins for $2.99 6,000 for $4.99 and fifteen thousand coins for $9.99. I find it to be a pretty fair price to be honest this game right now is only available for iOS. It got all the neat features it game center connection,leader-boards achievements and everything i’m pretty sure the android version is going to come pretty soon.

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