Bud Farm Grass roots – Top tricks and hacks you can use


Bud farm grass roots cheats and tricks:

Bud Farm Grass Roots

This is my top four legit cheats and hacks you need to know in Bud farm grass roots game. I’ve got a pretty relaxing game for you guys and I kind of play these games off from playing my RPGs as a way to kind of relax chill out in between these hardcore RPG gaming sessions.

Your item always sells even on highest price :

1. When you post something to your dispensary, if nobody buys it because let’s say i want to sell bud bread and I want to put the highest price I can which in this case you know obviously won’t always sell these things for the highest price. Don’t worry about setting the max price, now why is this because even if the item doesn’t sell,Floyd which is the CPU will actually come and buy that item ultimately. So even if you don’t sell to another person or you forget to check post to Floyd list, and your buddies aren’t buying it from you, ultimately you will always sell everything I think that cool down is like within a day you’ll definitely be able to sell because its Floyd will come to your farm and buy that item.Floyd is the cpu is the old geezer that is here and so he’ll always buy it, so you never have to worry that if you price the max item price that you will have a problem selling it because Floyd will ultimately always buy it from you.Just remember not to stain yourself making money.

Visit friends and gain exp:

2. A lot of people don’t realize this is you could use this as a method to get more materials and more exp is when you go to Floyd list not only can you buy from the people’s farm but you can also visit that person’s farm. So you go to the dispensary and then you click the X button in the top right now you go to their main grow op page and you go into the grow op and the game incentivize you to help water other people’s plants so you’ll notice here after I squash the spider mites i will get pop box here which of the games premium currency, and I can also water and you get the experience so this is another way for you to basically gain more experience and gain more from squashing their spider mites.It will help them grow their plants faster but it will also get maximize the amount of spider mite rewards you can get, because this doesn’t count towards your capacity for squashing spider mites within your own farm.So you can use this as a way to get an extra advantage here.

Bud Farm Grass Roots

Easy way to sell to friends :

3. As you know in most farming games you can’t trade with your friends. But in this game the developers have made Floyd list which is basically a public marketplace when you might be asking how does this relate to be able to trade with my friends. Well what you can do is when you open your dispensary you see how you can post items, so i can sell like pineapple express now if i uncheck the post to Floyd’s list with this allowed me to do is essentially post them into my dispensary as you see here and then i can tell my friend to come visit my farm and then he’ll be able to buy it because it’s item is imposed to the floyd list your average player isn’t actually going to be able to see this, so you can use this as a very effective way to train with your friends.

Use same account on two devices trick:

4. If you have two devices you can use a second device to basically keep playing and store or in my stash. Because as you know this – has a cap but because of the trick i mentioned before where you can essentially not post to floyd list and trade, you can use this to trade between your two accounts now you can only do this android – android and iOS – iOS you cannot do android/ios. They’re not cross compatible so you can only use this extra storage hack if you have two the same device but what you can do is you open a second device and you basically start storing multiple copies of the same stash item and when your main account needs it,you just go again go to a dispensary on your second account and post the item that your main account needs and you’ll be able to trade between the two accounts again remember not to post not to check post Floyd list when you post this item on your second account and then just use your first account visit your second account you’re able to effectively trade.

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