Mekorama game review – Tips and cheats



Welcome guys, hope you’re all doing well.We are back with another review this will be about the new game called Mekorama and this is a puzzle type game.Are you guys have played games like Dream machine or Monument Valley you guys with probably have ideas what this is. So this is basically a simple Puzzle type game. Basically you can move around and your objective is to bring you are Robot to the Red Dot. So how do we do that so we gonna have to explore the place and find the way out through the puzzled pieces and bring him to the red dot.

One of the biggest features of the game is an in-game level editor where players can create their own puzzle levels, with elements and objects present in the main game’s campaign. Players can share these levels through social media websites such as Facebook and Apple, as well as an QR image code that players can upload and share to others with to make their levels downloadable.

So basically this is how you play Mekorama and it is pretty fun and simple fun game and I think once you complete all these hell out of levels we can move around and we have scam levels get some level cards from Facebook Twitter for more on the web.So anyways I love you guys and fell free to comment in the comment section you guys have any questions and I’ll see you guys then take care.



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