Clash royale top 5 tips for beginners


Clash-Royale tips

Hey guys. Welcome to GravityHalo. Now we lost out the top five tips when you’re beginning Clash royale.

Build a balanced deck:

Tip number one is make sure you build a balanced decks. A good mixture of troops, second attack both ground and air, and when it comes to elixir measurement just because cards are worth more Elixir doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best for your deck. Try steering away from having each card being too expensive elixir cost, otherwise when you need it the most she won’t be able to defend against a certain troops when you’re low on elixir. So try to keep average Elixir cost between 3.5 and 3.8 which generally works most of the time. When you’re testing cards make sure you only substitute one at a time and then test then you can tell whether that could benefit your deck not otherwise replace it.

Learn all card costs:

Tip number 2 is learn how much each card costs.This will be handy in the battle. If you know how much he or she is placed on the arena you can make a calculated decision when it is the best time to attack or stay on defense until the right moment where the opponent is low on Elixir. After while it will be second nature to feel of the opponents Elixir management.

Test your army with no trophy loss:

Tip number three – once you are happy have made a balanced deck may be given a practice run by hitting the training camp button.This is a good way to see if your deck works for ou without losing any trophies.


Counter attack your opponent:

Tip number four – In a battle take advantage from the firepower from your defensive towers by trying to play defensive first and killing off their troops on your side and then maybe do a counter attack the other rights troops taking the enemy by surprise. This will help especially if you start off with a weak end.

Stay away from Kings tower:

Don’t hit the Kings tower which is a middle tower with arrows or anything else unless you’re planning to take it down at the time otherwise this activates the Kings towers Canon giving the enemy extra defense. It also activates when you destroy one of the left or right towers.

So those are my top five tips when starting off in class Royale.So i hope this helps guys when you actually start the game.Also checkout the clash royale online hack tool from our site.


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