Clash Royale – New Legendary cards and New Arena


Clash Royale new update

Clash Royale – New Legendaries :

Hey guys what’s up. Today Gravityhalo team bringing you guys a brand new clash royale post and today we’re gonna be checking out 2 new legendary cards that were just announced at a clash Royale.

The LOG :

Starting off with the LOG. Now the log is going to be the first legendary spell card we have inside of the game and unlike other spell cards you can actually see something physical as in the log rolling down the lane so it’s a huge log with a bunch of spikes on it. That does a crazy amount of damage in a pretty decent amount of with as far as how the log rolls.

clash royale LOG cardLUMBERJACK:

With a log you have to have a lumberjack so the lumberjack is going to be a 4 elixir card which pretty much does a decent amount of damage just the lumberjack hanging out by himself, but when he dies he spills a rage spell onto the ground so an interesting contrast between the two cards obviously having a log and lumber jack inside of the game makes a little bit of sense.

Lumberjack Card

So when Lumberjacks going to go up front, who takes a swig of the rage spell before making his way down the lane and as soon as the lumberjack dies, he goes kamikaze mode and drops his rage spell and rages all the troops around him. So a pretty solid combo when you back him up with a couple of range damage dealers.

frozen peak arenaIntroduction to new arena : Frozen Peak

Supercell is releasing a new arena frozen peak. It features a beautiful ice theme map, it’s by far my favorite arena. This arena can be reached when you climb – 2300 trophies. Royal arena will remain arena 7, legendary arena will now be arena 9. Frozen peak will be the new arena 8. There won’t be a huge gap between royal arena and legendary arena. All other arenas are remaining in their respective trophy ranges. All legendary and royal arena chest will still use the same quantity of cards. For example silver chest obtained in royal arena will contain nine cards and legendary arena silver chest will contain 11 cards. What makes this arena such a big deal is that it closes the gap in arena chest yields. Frozen peak cheats contain an average of 10% more cards than royal arena chest thus closing the gap.


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