One of the main problems with the rackmount Roland MKS-7 is that it has no patch memory and it's only editable via a single slider on the front panel (which is unfortunately not working on mine). One of the main upsides is that it sounds amazing and is probably the biggest workhorse in my studio set up. 4-parts; a 4-voice Juno 106, a 2-voice Juno 106, a monophonic bass synth based on the SH-101 architecture and a TR-707 thrown in for good measure. All around an amazing synth, but when you throw in a Behringer BCR2000 rotary knob controller it becomes a beast! I finally got the BCR programmed to control the MKS's parameters, so I made this little track to demo the results. An ultra simple track with some seriously squishy acid rinsing. Enjoy!

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